12 January, 2010

About It

Hi! So here is my new blog which I started with the goal of, as the title said, live the Martha Stewart way.
The idea of this is to return to the homemade, sometimes our lifes are so full of task and stress that we rather take the easy way and buy everything already done, not enjoying the fun of it; is not always easy to make it yourself but I assure you is fun!
So since today, every time I need a birthday cake or a christmas card I will do it the Martha way, in order to prove me and you that don't matter how hard it look it can be fun and you can do it too!
Hope you enjoy it as much as me


1 comment:

  1. Hey!
    Me encanta tu idea, voy a estar pendiente de tus proyectos, tu sabes que a mí también me encanta hacer de todo!
    PD: espero que me invites un día a tu show de televisión!