18 February, 2010

Project # 3: Crayon Hearts

Ok, so I told you that I will be making not only Martha's recipes but also Martha's crafts, so when my teacher told my that I was a little short in art projects I inmediatly turn to Martha's valentine's day crafts, well because they're pink! So a few years ago I saw this crayon hearts and I thougth ther were really difficult so I forgot abou them, but now I was exiting to try this technique, the result: FAIL!
I was trying to make a chandelier instead of the hearts.
So I started by making the little crumbs of crayon, I used the red, orange, pink, white and yellow creyon for a box my mom bougth me, the crayons were a litte thick for a normal pencil sharpener so I used a biger one and it was fine. Then I placed the waxed paper but I didn't have kraft paper so I used a towel (Doesn't work by the way), I had never iron befor this, so I was pretty scared. Anyways I started irining my crayon pieces and they didn't melt so I thougth than propably if I iron only the waxed paper it would be quicker, I was rigth! it melted perfectly into a nice shade of pink! perfect, I peel off the top layer of the waxed paper and it look so nice! I print a chandelier silohuette and start cutting it, it doesn't work!! Cutting it was easy but tha crayon cracks and it was awful! I'm feeling like a falier rigth now, not only because I spend a lot of time trying to make it work but it didn't, but because I don't have an art project and school is pretty much sucking at the moment.
Soory for the bad pictures it was late at nigth, plus the results were terrible, I'm thinking that maybe I didn't need to peel the waxed paper. IDK.
By the way how was your valentine's day?