30 January, 2010

Project #2: Flourless Chocolate Cake

So yesterday I decided to try this recipe, a flourless cake? that sounds interesting, so I bougth all the ingredients (not to many) and sarted tinking that it was going to be as hard as the soft prestzels, but it wasn't! it was actually quite simple. I have to say that I didn't found the semisweet chocolate chis, so I used semisweet chocolate bars instead, other thing is that I don not own a 9 inch pan so I used a simple round one I found in my kitchen.
The first thing you have to do is melt the chocolate and butter together, it takes only two round of 30 seconds in the microwave to melt and mix them, and the mixture looks so delicious!:) then you have to separete the egg parts (tricky tricky) and add the yolks to the chocolate-butter mix and leave the whites apart to mix them with sugar making some kind of meringue with the electric mixer, it also looks so good I was afraid to mix the to mixes, I didn't want to ruin neither of them, and fortunately I didn't ruin them.
After 45 minutes in the oven it comes out lookind nice! I waited a little before tasting it, the cutting part was tricky too cuz it didn't ended like a normal cake it was more soft, way more softer, so the pices weren't exactly perfect. Everyone in my house taste it and love it, and I have to say I love it to. Is way easier than the pretzels and the result was better.
I hope you like this recipe, I guess the next one will be a Valentine's day one!

Recipe: http://www.marthastewart.com/recipe/best-flourless-chocolate-cake

12 January, 2010

Project # 1: Soft Pretzels

After a lot of thinking I decide that my first project was going to be Soft Pretzels, because I love them and they are not very popular in my country; I thougth it would be easy and simple but it wasn't, it was quite the opposite but it was challenge rigth?
The first part was really easy, well mixing some of the ingredients, however the amount of flour is huge, then the mix have to rest for an hour in order to grow, so I use that hour to clean all the mess the first part had made, hoping the second part would be simple.
But it wasn't, it was actually pretty hard, I mean off course is not impossible but making the exact pretzel shape was imposible so I decide to make simple stick pretzels (not as pretty), then you have to poach them and God! is hard, they lost their shape. After that everything was easy.
I spend 4 hours making this recipe and I have to said that even if the pretzels doesn't look like the ones you buy at the grocery story or at the mall, they taste as well as those, so all the time and patience show at the end. Even when I didn't get the perfect pretzels I was expecting I feel happy with the result, OK they are not the most pretty pretzels but they taste good and my family love them!
So tell what you think about them!


About It

Hi! So here is my new blog which I started with the goal of, as the title said, live the Martha Stewart way.
The idea of this is to return to the homemade, sometimes our lifes are so full of task and stress that we rather take the easy way and buy everything already done, not enjoying the fun of it; is not always easy to make it yourself but I assure you is fun!
So since today, every time I need a birthday cake or a christmas card I will do it the Martha way, in order to prove me and you that don't matter how hard it look it can be fun and you can do it too!
Hope you enjoy it as much as me