28 May, 2010

Project #4: Floral Pom Poms

So is been a while since the last time I post someting, however I want you to know that I´ve been doing some Martha Stewart projects here and there, everytime I have a chance. So this project was made about a month and a half ago:S, for my visual arts expocition. It was actually easier than I expected!
It was actually a project I made out of nowhere cuz my spot was looking a little poor and simple, and I nedded another pink touch, so I remmembered those lovely tissue paper pom poms on marthastewart.com, so I went to the computer lab with Camila and search the how to online, inmidiatly I went to my school supply store and bougth as much crepe paper (sorry no tissue paper in the store) as I can afford and start doing it.
I fold the paper and use a piece of nylon instead of the wire (cuz my school supply store didn´t carry any wire)to keep it in place and then cutt the endges (with a little help of Camila;)) and saparate the layers and ta-da! a lovely pink floral pom pom. A tiny detail was thet incredusly I thougt that the instuctions are for one hole pom pom, however they are for half a pom pom, you have to actually paste them? is that the rigth world? I guess you know what I mean.
Is a great project, it takes a while but the results are just to die for!


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